2019 Dodge Ram vs. The Field….

Hey guys,

I've been currently leasing a 2016 Silverado Z71 double cab at $430 month which is about to end in about 4months! Just a few facts about my lease...39 month lease (no money down)..Rolled in about $4k negative equity, 12k per year..

Oddly, when I traded got the truck, I had a daily commute of about 14miles per day...Then about 3 months in I got another job which upped my commute from 70-90miles per week to 330miles per week...So ive been stuck with this for a while now...

Oddly AGAIN, I Just got a new job which cuts my commute back to about 14miles per day/70-90miles per week!

I love the truck, but the double cab is too small in the back..Having 2 large dogs and possibly a child in the next 3-5years, I have to get a crew cab...

So long story short, I've been searching online and am a bit torn on what I should grab and have become increasingly interested in the 2019 Ram Bighorns/Lamaries....But unsure on reliability..Here is what im looking for in a truck and pricing...

Truck needs:

Crew Cab/Super Crew

Rear power sliding window

Push to start (not a deal breaker)


Leather or black cloth

Price Range - $35-45k OTD

Ive been looking at F150 2.7 EB's

Silverado 1500 crew cabs

Ram 1500 Bighorns

Anyone have any suggestions/prices they paid or any lease specials/discounts with any of these 3 trucks? I love my Silverado, but the double cab and interior feel a bit outdated...

Sorry for long post!

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Does this seem like a fair price for this truck?


I've been looking for a truck for a while. This one checks all the boxes. I wasn't necessarily looking for a diesel or one with such a lift but that's not a bad thing. The market for used trucks around here is pretty insane. It's higher mileage but I've heard great things about the longevity of the 6.6.

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Have a question about Chev 2500s.

Hi, I'm looking into getting an 07-13 Chevy 2500 gasser, and am wondering about average fuel economy of the 6L, general ride comfort (have a history of lifted and lowered trucks so I'm used to hay wagons) and if the gassers came with 8 bolt rims or strictly just 6 bolts. Coming from a lowered S10 so wanting something that can haul more than just tires. Used mainly for daily driving to work, occasional light offroading and moving friends/family with or without a trailer. Thanks

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Digital Vehicle Registration

I am currently in a rush to show a storage lot my vehicle registration for my truck.

  1. I can't find my current registration.
  2. My vehicle registration is up to date.
  3. It is registered to Florida.
  4. Im living in California (active duty).

Long story short, https://www.etags.com/ is a sub-link from the DMV https://www.dmv.org/fl-florida/, and my question is:

I would receive a digital vehicle registration and later a paper copy will come later, would there be any reason the digital registration would not be a true proof of registration?

I only have about a day and some change to figure this out.


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