Starting a freight hauling business

I’m looking into which truck would benefit me and my business. I’m currently looking at 3 trucks, a F-350, a RAM 3500, and a Chevy Silverado 3500HD. I’m new to all of this, so if anybody could help me by explaining a little bit of which of these is better or the cons and pros of the best 2 out of those 3 that’d be great. Please list things like (fuel use, maintenance costs, etc if you can, thank you) I don’t know much about mechanical stuff but I sure can find someone to do that for me.

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2006 GMC Sierra question how to prevent rust.

I'm moving from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City soon, and I want to keep my truck free from rust. Utah applies lots of salt onto the roads. What are the best things I can do to prevent rust, especially since these trucks are notorious for rusting?

So far I've seen people say that frequent underbody washes are the best way to go. But I've also seen people saying that an undercoating like Fluid Film is the best. Maybe both? What has been successful for you guys?

I'm looking at keeping this truck for the foreseeable future and there is pretty much no rust on it currently. Truck has 125,000 miles.

Thanks! :)

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Buying a new truck Vs. Keeping my old truck and buying a new car

So the title says it all really.

I'm currently in my senior year of college and will need to find a more reliable car for commuting and such once I graduate. I've been trading off ideas in my head of what to do, and I've come up with two options.

I would like to have a pickup because I am a huge outdoorsmen and want one for pulling an ice fishing house, hunting, going off road/something if the weather gets really bad (which it does from time to time where I live), hauling lumber/firewood, etc.

Option A. Sell my 1998 beater truck and buy a 2015+ Pickup that I can drive everyday and get better MPG with, as well as showing that professional image (Somewhat required for my place of employment not to roll up to meetings driving a rusted out pickup). Possibly looking at a Tacoma or an Eco diesel as I don't need to pull anything too big but want to high MPG.

If I go with option one, I only have to deal with insurance, maintenance, gas, storage, etc. with one vehicle. However I will be spending a significant amount on gas as there is a good chance I will be driving 30+ Miles/day. (and pickups are not known for their great MPG).

Option B. Keep my 1998 beater truck and buy a 2015+ sedan or other small car used primarily for work. (the beater truck will be just about paid off by the time I graduate)

If I go with option 2. I will have to pay insurance on two vehicles, find a place of residence where I can store two, will have to keep up maintenance on two vehicles. Etc. But my overall monthly cost of gas will be a fraction of what it would be if I was daily driving a pickup. Also it's somewhat worth noting that i'm not the most gentle on my vehicles so this may be a better idea because I won't care too much of I scratch it up driving through the woods.

MPG between for reference (estimates based on the vehicles i'm looking to purchase) Current beater: 9-10 City, 14 Highway New truck: 15-16 City, 22 Highwaay. y Sedan: 24-26 city, 32-35 highw

I'm really tied between the two, and I'm just not sure what the best course of action would be right for me.

Any advice would be appreciated, Thanks :)

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2014 F150 SuperCrew towing

Hi all,

I've just been for a test drive in a 2014 F150 SuperCrew and I really like it so could be my first truck. We are looking to buy the truck to tow an 8,000lbs RV which we are getting next summer.

The dealer said it has the max towing package on which will tow 11,300lbs but i want to see the number with my own eyes. My question is, how do I work out the max towing capacity of the truck and check it in the brochure?

I took a photo of the plate in the drivers door and it has the following -

GVWR - 7700lbs

Wheel Base - 157

Axle - L6 which is the 3.73

There is also a Front and Rear GAWR if needed.

Thanks in advance.

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