Selling a set of face load axles from a C60 4x4  tag off front axle shows fds 1600 gear ratio is 6:17 with u-joint style front axle shafts and they have hydraulics drum brakes but can easily be converted to disc brakes. 

Your getting the front and rear axle with tires and wheels and the matching transfer case Rockwell T-226-31 which is a drop style case 13” of drop all from the same truck.


$2000 FIRM

location KANSAS

text / call
316-305-4331 791D927B-1E9C-490B-A693-083B7206E71E.jpeg  802D146F-0C52-4890-A517-939565A55A07.jpeg


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Is Line-X worth the hype?

I got a new truck (2017 F150 XLT, 5.0 Coyote) and it has a lay-in bed liner. I have a bed cover but the liner causes a leak when it rains and it takes up more space in the bed. When I use it, its mostly for moving tool boxes, furniture, and vehicle parts. My friend told me about line-x and how good it was, but my issue is this:

Heard from several people that spray on bedliners are all the same chemicals and there's little difference between them. I'd like to hear from anyone with experience about the topic.

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Advide on selling camper shell?

Curious if anyone has advice on selling camper shells. I looked around but didn't find any definitive market for advertising these. My local dealer is getting out of the shell business so no interest there.

I no longer need mine and plan to go back to my tonneau cover. I looked over the rules and I don't think this type of post is prohibited here, but if so apologies in advance.

Some detail, black Leer shell installed 3-4 years ago on my 2010 Silverado 2500, 6’6” bed. Good shape, has a couple of scrapes by the rear window. Located in Toms River New Jersey.

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What truck should I buy? megathread

Any posts pertaining to car buying suggestions or advice belong in this weekly megathread. A fresh thread will be posted every Monday and posts auto sorted by new. A few other subreddits worth checking out that will help your car buying experience are /r/WhatCarShouldIBuy, /r/UsedCars and /r/AskCarSales. [Everyday Driver](https://www.everydaydriver.com/) may also be helpful.

Make/Model-specific questions should be asked on Make/Model-specific subreddits.

  • For those providing suggestions: Facts are ideal in this thread, especially when trying to help out a new truck buyer. Please help out buyers with sources and reasoning for your suggestions.
  • For those asking for help, be sure to thank those who take the time to offer you advice (especially those who lead you to a purchase.) A follow up thank you and the knowledge that their advice led to a purchase is a very warm fuzzy feeling.
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The greatest run of all time

This article came to our attention via Your home for Monster Jam Madness on Reddit

What do you guys consider to be the greatest run of all time? Such as one with nothing held back, a driver pushing their truck to the absolute limit, and moments that define this sport to this day. I'd say Maximum Destruction's 2004 World Finals run was up there, but I don't think it was good enough to be the best of all time.

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Not sure if there’s a better sub, but I have an issue with my 2011 silverado 5.3

ANY and ALL suggestions are greatly appreciated, as I am near dirt broke.

Alright so I've now put 3 quarts of oil in it and it's not showing any on the dipstick.

It isn't leaking anywhere. ???

I've let it run a while and let it sit again to maybe circulate it, I'm not exactly a mechanic so I'm not sure if it works that way. Dipstick still showed very little, the info screen on the dash says oil life at 30%, check engine light on, telling me it's low on oil pressure and to stop the engine. I've seen on forums that there's a common problem with the oil screen that sits under the intake manifold on the 5.3, I haven't looked into that yet as I don't see how that would explain the oil just fucking disappearing on me. I've spent roughly $30 on that oil and it's not there. What gives?

Any suggestions even, are very much encouraged. Thanks in advance

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