03 Ram 1500 cylinder 6 misfire

Had a jolt while driving the other day and now i have trouble accelerating. 5.7 liter.

Codes came back with one for cylinder 6 and several for lack of pressure. Im not a car guy but im looking into doing more stuff myself. From my understanding if i replace the spark plugs i should be fine? Should i replace them all?

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First Jam with my kids, any tips?

This article came to our attention via Your home for Monster Jam Madness on Reddit

Going to be attending my first show with my boys, twins age 4, on Aug 15th. Any tips or incite into making the day the best possible? I plan to get them some headsets for the sound. We've got pit passes as well, which I'm really excited about. We absolutely love all trucks.

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Esoteric early 80s Ford Courier computer question.

Regular car reviews YouTube channel did an episode on the Ford Courier today and it stired an old memory today for me. 40 years ago my dad had one. He was super smart mechanic, well ahead of his time and worked on refridgerated trailers as a job as a mid 20s year old. Long story short, he liked his friends at the bar more then my mom and they divorced in the mid 80s. I didn't see him much after that. They both died this past decade so I can't ask either of them this question.

I remember riding around in his manual ford courier much like the one in rcr. He somehow affixed a 80s led readout on the inside of the truck that would give information about the truck much like a modern ecu would. But this was definitely a hack because I remember it being attached with bolts not not installed by ford.

It had a (horizontal?) keypad like a calculator and I remember asking him to put the mph on the display so I could watch it go up and down.

Does anyone have any clue what this system was or how it was done in what had to be pre-1985ish?

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What truck should I buy? megathread

Any posts pertaining to car buying suggestions or advice belong in this weekly megathread. A fresh thread will be posted every Monday and posts auto sorted by new. A few other subreddits worth checking out that will help your car buying experience are /r/WhatCarShouldIBuy, /r/UsedCars and /r/AskCarSales. [Everyday Driver](https://www.everydaydriver.com/) may also be helpful.

Make/Model-specific questions should be asked on Make/Model-specific subreddits.

  • For those providing suggestions: Facts are ideal in this thread, especially when trying to help out a new truck buyer. Please help out buyers with sources and reasoning for your suggestions.
  • For those asking for help, be sure to thank those who take the time to offer you advice (especially those who lead you to a purchase.) A follow up thank you and the knowledge that their advice led to a purchase is a very warm fuzzy feeling.
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