Help buying first truck

My father got me interested in trucks from the 80s, and as a large guy myself I'm having a tough time deciding what I'm going to buy. Recently turned 16, and I stand at 6'3, I'm looking for a daily driving, and something to haul a small trailer. I'm looking to spend around 2500 in the truck and parts to keep it on the road for the first year, and am currently thinking about a dodge d150. Any suggestions? Open to any type of truck, regardless of brand just looking for a comfy daily driver, that can also haul during the weekends.

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What would you pay for this truck. Roughly.

My father has a 2006 mega cab with a 6 foot bed, 4x4, basic options on the interior, no fancy packages, 101k miles. Rebuilt 5.7 motor, 7" lift, straight pipe exhaust. Significant Dodge rust on the fenders, steering dampers most likely need replacing. KBB put it around 7500. He's convinced it's worth at least 13k. I'd like to buy it off him and put the stock suspension back on it, however, there is no way in hell I'm paying 13k for it. Most of my coworkers that have seen the truck said $3500 would be fair for it. What do you guys think?

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Photo – Less than a week away from the INSANITY roaring into Elko! Save a few bucks and get your tickets online at, but hurry, they’re selling FAST…get yours before they’re all gone!

Less than a week away from the INSANITY roaring into Elko! Save a few bucks and get your tickets online at, but hurry, they're selling FAST...get yours before they're all gone!

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2000 Silverado making a chirping sound

I've only had the truck about a month and it just started doing this about a week or two ago. When I start it after it's been sitting a while, it chirps like a bird. I've noticed it does it for a longer time if it's cool out but if it's a hot day it doesn't do it as long.

Here's a video I took to let you hear what it's doing.

It almost sounds like it's coming from the belt/pulley that I filmed in the video, but I'm not an expert and wanted to get a second opinion before going and replacing stuff that may or may not fix the issue.

Any ideas on what's causing it?

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Looking at buying a used Toyota Tacoma

Im looking at buying a used Toyota Tacoma or a Nissan Frontier, reason being is that I really want a truck to be able to haul stuff and tow smaller things but I don't like daily driving full sized pickups. Now because I am not wealthy enough to afford to drop $30k - $50k on a brand new one, I have to resort to buying used. My budget is fairly loose, anywhere from $10,000 to $18,000 and would prefer something with lower km's. My main question is, what is typically "a lot" of km's for a truck like these. I see many of these trucks with more than 200,000kms on them and for a car, that is a lot and usually not worth buying, but from your guy's experience, what is too much for a truck like this and what should I look out for when buying one.

Thanks :)

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Help with a 2014 Ford F150

Yall, I need some help and Im hoping someone can help me out. I bought a used 2014 Ford F150 about 2 years ago. Well in that 2 years, specifically 3 separate times, the alarm decides to go off repeatedly. And happens usually every 15-20 minutes or so. I know its going to happen because when I double click lock on my key it beeps once instead of twice like normal.

I've looked online repeatedly for the shock sensor, or alarm sensors or something that could be causing it and can't figure out anything. I usually have to unplug the horn and just leave it as I live in an apartment and obviously its extremely disruptive for the alarm to go off every 15-20 minutes.

If anyone has any ideas on what it could be, or why its doing that, I would really appreciate it. I would take it to the dealership, but I can't exactly afford it right now.

Thanks again for the help!

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