Looking to buy first used truck.

Hello everyone I am in the market for my first used truck and was looking for some help/input.

I recently got my first truck a Silverado which is a lease but the mile limit is coming up quick so I am looking at buying now.

I am primarily interested in getting another Silverado 1500 or a Sierra but I am really interested in getting one with the 6.2 in it. A main problem has been finding a used truck with the 6.2 in it. There seems to be no good way of narrowing down the searches by engine type and I have to look in each description and most don’t have the engine in it. So I was wondering if there was a effective way to search trucks by engine. Any other comments or suggestions about buying a used truck are also welcome. Thanks for the help in advanced. I am also willing to entertain other truck models too I just prefer the look of newer Silverados/Sierras the most.

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Need help planning gift for truck loving buddy

So one of my best friends has a birthday coming up and I want to get him a gift card/voucher/certificate to an online store to somewhere he can get cool stuff for his truck. He just got a truck and he’s been talking about wanting to get a lift kit for it and make some customizations to it and I want to give him some money to help him do that without giving him cash.

I know rockauto.com has some very reasonably priced parts for like fixing cars and stuff, but tbh I don’t know shit about cars and trucks or where people order the stuff to do it, but want to surprise him. Any ideas?

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Advice on purchasing older trucks

Sorry if this question is asked a lot, but I’m looking for advice before I decide on which truck to buy. Long story short I hit a deer and totaled my 2009 Nissan Versa And now I have the opportunity to buy a truck (which I’ve always wanted but never had the means).
My budget is $10,000, I prefer a light duty truck, I can do minimal maintenance (change oil, rotate tires, replace parts that are easy to get to), it would be my daily driver to work which is about 25miles each way mostly highway, I would only be hauling kegs and not everyday (about 1800lbs max), and it has to be a crew cab or It won’t fit my wife and kids and then my wife would kill me. I’m currently looking at either a:
2006 Tacoma with 185,000 miles for $9,800 V6 automatic transmission RWD.
2007 Honda Ridgeline with 140,000 miles for $10,000 V6 automatic transmission RWD
2005 Nissan Frontier with 132,000 miles for $10,000 V6 automatic transmission 4WD.
2006 Nissan Frontier with 155,000 miles for $5,000 V6 manual transmission 4WD (this one has some dents and other cosmetic issues and I don’t know how to drive a manual, I would love to learn but don’t know if I’m the process of learning I would destroy this truck).
2008 Dodge Dakota with 150,000 miles for $6,000 V6 automatic transmission RWD.
2006 Mitsubishi Raider with $70,000 miles for $10,000 V8 automatic transmission 4WD.
I’d appreciate any advice or issues I should look out for on these models. I’ve heard Tacoma’s can get frame rot and Frontiers can have transmission issues, Ridgeline is basically a pilot with a bed, but I don’t know much about the Dakotas/raiders. Thanks.

TL:DR which truck from the 2006-2008 is better between a Tacoma, Ridgeline, frontier, or Dakota/raider.

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Need Truck advice for friend. Had 1 ailing truck, just bought a lemon, now has 2 bad trucks.

MY buddy has 2 bad trucks now. He's got a 96 F150 with the E4OD slipmission. So he figured he'd hop on CL and get himself another F150. He got an 84. Georgia truck, gorgeous body, no rust. He is getting it undercoated so it will even survive it's first winter in Illinois.

I reckon stock it was a 300 L6 truck, but someone dropped a 351 in it a while back. Maybe they didn't do the best of jobs? And now it seems it might be a lemon. The mechanic he took it to said he's got rust in his fuel lines, carb has no choke so wont start in Illinois winter. And something about the kick down on the trans needing adjusted. It's got all kinds of little problems and he told my buddy "It looks like they rigged it just enough to sell it."

He wants fuel injection - that's a big factor. He's looking at the TBI kits.

My advice to him is take both trucks to his mechanic, provided the trans is good on the 84, have him drop in the 302 from his 96 (freshen up the engine some in between) and then the mechanic gets the 96 body, trans, and the 351 that comes out of the 84. Then he's got 1 nicer truck, with what he wants engine wise and the shop can turn around the 96 and get what they can, and then he's only into them for the difference.

What do you think? What would you do? Much appreciated, thank you. (When he asked me why he shouldn't buy the 84, my response was - "because you looked but didn't find a Toyota for the same price." I'm not the best of help ;) )

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