Attention Monster Truck website owners and admins

Facebook has deprecated their RSS page feeds as part of the Facebook Graph API v2.3 changes which effects the way Monster Highway receives our RSS feeds that we then aggregate into our websites.

We have a way to continue receiving some feeds but this seriously effects any Facebook Page that enabled privacy restrictions or localized restrictions. And that situation is prevalent in most Monster Truck related Facebook Pages.

Monster Highway is running all Open Graph tags and the Facebook SDK but we are limited on what we can do at this time within the Graph as to content pulls.

What I recommend is, if you wish for any of the Monster Highway websites to continue to aggregate and reflect your content is to make sure your web site generates RSS feeds and to notify us of the feed if we don’t already carry it.

Additionally, you might want to ensure your site does share to Facebook and we recommend you concentrate on posting to the website instead of Facebook itself. Allow your website to handle most of your social media sharing if possible.

As a work around I plan to implement and show within a rotation any page widgets for any Facebook page we can find to help promote your Monster Truck or Monster Truck business. Again, privacy and location restrictions limit our abilities to do this but we will try our best.

Monster Highway welcomes Facebook’s changes as they bring improvements to the whole social media system and Facebook itself. we will miss the RSS page feeds but it’s a challenge we gladly accept. If you have special needs, questions, or a better idea give me a call. Jeff 540-440-1850 or Email: [email protected]

Please Note: our Monster Truck Events List is coming back ASAP and will be able to accept Ical compatible updates real soon. We are hoping to implement an Ical to Monster Highway format gateway before bring this site back into real service.