More Madrid Restaurant pictures

Was in Ville de Qu?bec for a few days last week, and noticed these on the way back home. I've searched here on the site and found that many of you are alert to their whereabouts.

Was not Top Gun one of the tanks on the '88 Tour in Ontario which was released on video by GO Productions? I have both the '87 Fergus show and the '88 tour on video, but both are at my parent's house and I can't reference them at the moment.

They all are definitely in a sad state of affairs, but I do think...

More Madrid Restaurant pictures

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Successful European Tour for Samson Racing Team with Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live

The Samson Monster Truck Racing team was able to take part in an exciting opportunity this first quarter in joining Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live for their first ever European tour.

The tour spanned five cities including Manchester, England (January 4th-5th), Lotz, Poland (January 10th-12th), Copenhagen, Denmark (January 17th-19th), Birmingham, England (January 31st-February 2nd) and Glasgow, Scotland (February 7th-9th).

The regular Samson chassis was re-bodied to compete as Tiger Shark on the tour with team driver Rick Steffens behind the wheel. Over the course of the five weeks the team had a great time participating in the events, meeting many new fans across Europe and even bringing home wins along the way.

Steffens was able to claim 8 Titan Cups to become the European Tour champion after all 19 events. It was a wonderful experience and we’re all thankful to have been a part of it. Thank you to Hot Wheels, Raycom Legacy and Live Nation for inviting us to participate in the tour.


Check out photos from the 2020 European Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Tour in our Photo Gallery Here

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